Activities That Can Engage And Delight Your Senior Living Home Residents

Senior citizens are too often shuffled out of sight and forced to play bingo in an assisted living home until they pass away. While bingo can be a fun experience, it's simply not enough to keep the average senior citizen engaged and happy. The following activities are designed to delight your senior living home residents in companies like Heritage Commons and keep them actively involved in their lives. Getting Back to Nature [Read More]

Tips For Using Coconut Oil To Improve Your Daily Life

CBD coconut oil has been a popular ingredient used in baking and a multitude of recipes for decades, but it's only recently that it's stepped into the spotlight for a number of other uses. In fact, coconut oil is so versatile, many people claim to have several gallons of it in their home at any time. If you're curious about how coconut oil can change your life, look into the following great tips. [Read More]

How To Get The Most Comfortable Fit From Your Eye Glasses

If you wear eye glasses, you already know that sometimes the eye glasses do not fit as comfortably as you would like them to. From pinching the bridge of your nose to slipping off of your ears, there are various mishaps that your eye glasses could present. Here are four ways to get a more comfortable fit from your eye glasses. Use Foam Earplugs Not In Your Ears…but on Your Eye Glasses [Read More]

Six Negative Emotions Homebound Seniors Struggle With And How You Can Help

Being homebound can cause a lot of difficult emotions for seniors. Home health care companies are equipped to deal with these and have whole teams of people to help address all the issues, physical and mental, their patients encounter. Here are some of the most common emotions being homebound can cause and how you can help them. 1. Anxiety. Patients might worry about being a burden to others or feel anxious about their diagnosis. [Read More]