Massage Therapy And Cancer

It used to be assumed that massage therapy was contraindicated for people with cancer. However, as medical personnel have learned, this is not true. While the therapist should avoid the area where any tumors exist, it is only to avoid causing pain or putting excess pressure on any organs that may be affected; it will not cause the cancer to spread. If you are suffering with cancer, here are a few benefits you may experience by receiving a massage. [Read More]

Watch Out For Cross-Reactivity If You Develop An Antibiotic Allergy

If you think you've developed an allergy to a basic antibiotic, talk to an allergy physician as soon as you can. Developing an allergy to a common antibiotic, like penicillin, isn't that uncommon, but there is the chance that you're allergic to more medications. You need to find out which medications or types of medications to avoid and how to handle dealing with infections. Here's a look at why cross-reactivity is an issue and what you can do to stay safe. [Read More]

Your Options For Comfortable Wheelchair Seating

One of the most important parts of a wheelchair is the seat. If you have limited mobility, you'll get tired and sore if you sit in a wheelchair for very long. Wheelchairs are usually made with sling seats made from canvas or vinyl. While the basic seat is comfortable for short periods, if you plan to be in your chair all day, you'll probably need something a little softer. Here are some options to consider. [Read More]

About Toenail Fungus & Getting It Treated

Are you concerned about how thick your toenails are? It is possible that you have nail fungus, and there are a few different ways that a specialist can treat and get rid of it. Find out in this article what you should know about toenails that are infected with fungus. What Leads to Toenails Becoming Infected with Fungus? Toenail fungus is a condition that is contagious. If you are in the habit of wearing other people's shoes, you may want to stop doing it. [Read More]