Tips For A Smooth Recovery From Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Once the orthopedic surgeon has repaired the torn cartilage in your knee, you'll begin several weeks of physical therapy to regain the full use of the joint. This is a slow process and requires patience as you make incremental progress with your knee. Here are some ways to help your recovery period go smoother. Manage Your Pain Medication Properly You'll leave the outpatient surgery clinic with one or more prescriptions for pain medication. [Read More]

Understanding Pelvic Floor Dysfunction And Your Treatment Options

Whether you've been recently diagnosed with a pelvic floor dysfunction or you have reason to suspect that something isn't right, you may be wondering where you should go from here. Pelvic floor issues can arise because of many things, including childbirth, chronic diseases, surgical procedures and even repetitive heavy lifting. Here's a look at what you should know about the symptoms that pelvic floor dysfunction can cause as well as the treatments available for it. [Read More]

Sleep Deprivation: Not A Friend To Your Eyes

Not only can chronic sleep deprivation negatively affect your cognitive and physical health, but the lack of sleep may have detrimental effects on your vision as well. Like the rest of your body, your eyes need rest to be healthy. Otherwise, there are a number of eye and vision problems related to lack of sleep that can occur. Brain Fog Sleep deprivation slows the brain's ability to process sensory input, including visual information. [Read More]

Important Information About Your Daughter's First Visit With A Gynecologist

Although few women look forward to their first appointment with a gynecologist, it is an important visit that should not be delayed unnecessarily. However, it will be helpful to note that early visits with a gynecologist do not have to include either a Pap smear or internal exam unless she is sexually active or concerned about an abnormality. Therefore, if you would like to make sure that your daughter will know what to expect and that she will have that visit at the most appropriate time, the following information will be very helpful. [Read More]