Veins, Veins, Go Away: 4 Skin-Healthy Foods To Prevent Spider And Varicose Veins

Varicose and spider veins are both something that women (and men) hate, yet as much as 60 percent of the American population suffers from varicose veins. They are enlarged veins that are usually red or blue in color and are simply, well, unsightly. If you want to avoid suffering from either type of these unappealing veins, then it may help to know that you can change your diet to prevent them. [Read More]

No Knives, No Problem: What You Need To Know About No-Surgery Facelifts

Rhytidectomy—commonly called a facelift—is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in the United States, racking up over 130,000 procedures a year. However, fear of surgery can stop prospective customers from going under the knife, even if they desire the final results. One of the most exciting advances in cosmetic medicine is the introduction of a no-surgery facelift, which promises to give the same results without ever stepping into an operating room. [Read More]

Four Important Questions About Hormone Replacement Therapy

You may be experiencing a situation where the symptoms of menopause have become too troublesome to ignore. Hot flashes, fuzzy thinking, mood swings and a lot of other irritating conditions makes it seem like you have premenstrual syndrome all the time. Hormone replacement therapy may not be your first thought, but for some it can work surprisingly well and is a reasonably safe option for many. Read on for answers to four key questions to see how HRT could be right for you. [Read More]

3 Foods To Help Your Body Fight Against Colon Cancer

Being told you need a colonoscopy can be a scary thing. For some, a colonoscopy screening is merely a way to check for colon cancer and make sure you aren't at risk for a major health problem. If you are worried about your health and an upcoming screening, consider making some changes to your diet to give your health the boost it needs. Not sure which foods are best for fighting off cancer? [Read More]