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5 Skin-Preserving Makeup Application Tips

Makeup is one way to enhance your natural beauty, but if you are not conscious about your makeup habits, it is also one way to harm your skin. If you apply makeup daily, or often, learn what you can do to keep the health of your skin a top priority.

1. Product Overload 

It appears new makeup products hit the market every day. You are free to try as many products as you want, just do not feel like you need to wear them all at once. Applying primer, foundation, finishing powder, bronzer, highlighter, and more to your skin is a lot. All these layers make it harder for the skin to breathe and can quickly clog the pores, which can set the stage for an awful breakout. 

2. Bacteria-Free Brushes

Make it a common practice to clean your brushes once a week and possibly more often if you apply makeup daily. Your skin is never 100% bacteria-free, so each time you glide the brush across your face, bacteria settle within the bristles, and over time, the bacteria multiply. Dirty brushes have been known to cause breakouts, as well as rashes, so clean your brushes often.

3. Healthy Pores

At the end of the day, you must wash your face. If you wear foundation, you should consider using a makeup removal product and then following up the application with a clarifying cleanser. Failure to wash your face properly will allow the products to settle in your pores and possibly cause a breakout.

4. Formula Selection

In the same way that you do not have to wear every product at the same time, remember that not every product is for you. For example, if you have oily skin, the decision to wear an oil-based foundation may not end well. Not only will your face be shiny, but the excess oil will eventually settle in your pores and lead to widespread breakouts. 

5. Sunscreen

Try to look for makeup products, such as primers or foundations with built-in sunscreen. Contrary to the belief of some, a layer of makeup does not serve as sun protection. Failure to protect your skin from the sun can lead to everything from irreversible sunspots to an increased risk of skin cancer. Do your research to find makeup products with this protection.

For additional measures you can take to protect your skin or for any other skin-health-related concerns, speak with a dermatologist