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How To Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

Your hearing aids keep you in the present and help you keep up with conversations. Hearing aids can help in other ways as well. For instance, they can help you hear those precious moments in your life. If you have hearing aids, you need to keep up the maintenance on them and make sure they are clean in order to work properly so you don't miss out on wonderful moments in life. If you don't clean your hearing aids, you may need to replace them more often. Read on for tips to clean your hearing aids.

Use A Wax Pick

You need a wax pick to clean out any ear wax that may be stuck to the hearing aids. A wax pick can be found anywhere that hearing aids are sold. Use the pick to remove wax buildup safely without damaging or scratching your hearing aids. Using anything other than a wax pick for hearing aids can cause problems for your hearing aids and may mean they'll need to be replaced long before they should. Gently use the tool to remove the waxy buildup.

Remove Your Hearing Aids

Remove your hearing aids before you shower or bathe, or even before you swim. Using your hearing aids in these areas may cause extra damage and could cause more buildup of debris in your hearing aids as well. Make sure to always remove your hearing aids and replace them once you get done with your shower or after you've been swimming.

Wipe Down Your Hearing Aids

Wipe your hearing aids down with a soft cloth and a gentle cleanser to remove day-to-day debris that may be built up. Consider how often you touch your hearing aids with dirty fingers. All of these bacteria can cause a buildup on your hearing aids. To solve this problem, use a gentle cleanser to wipe away this daily grime.

When cleaning your hearing aids, you need to remember not to clean them with anything so harsh that it damages your hearing aids. Anything with harsh chemicals can cause damage, so only ever use gentle cleansers on your hearing aids and never submerge your hearing aids in water.

If you have hearing aids, you need to clean them thoroughly to prevent them from failing and needing to be replaced sooner rather than later. If you can take your hearing aids in to be maintained in order to lengthen their lifespan. Contact a hearing aid maintenance service for more information.