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Top Reasons Why You Should See A Sports Medicine Doctor

Sports medicine doctors are physicians who have undergone extra training in order to learn about how to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate injuries that are common among athletes, people who play sports recreationally, and those who are active and exercise regularly. Some sports medicine doctors are also surgeons who are able to perform specific surgical procedures to help a person heal from a sports injury. Seeing a sports medicine doctor can be very beneficial for many people. Some of the top reasons why you should see a sports medicine doctor include the following:

You Suffer a Sudden Injury While Playing Sports or Being Active

Playing sports and being active is great for your health and can help keep your body strong and at a healthy weight. However, any time you participate in a physical activity, there is the risk of sustaining an injury. If you suffer a sudden injury while playing sports or being active, seeing a sports medicine doctor is a wise idea. Common sports injuries can include muscle sprains, broken bones, dislocations, torn tendons, or knee injuries. These types of injuries need to be diagnosed and properly treated as quickly as possible to help ensure a full recovery. A sports medicine doctor will be able to do a full exam and recommend the right course of treatment for your injury. 

Your Sports Injury Requires Surgery

There are many sports injuries that will not properly heal with non-invasive treatment alone. For example, if you damage the ligaments in your knee or tear a tendon in your ankle, surgical intervention will be needed in order to make a full recovery. In this type of situation, your best bet is to see a sports medicine doctor who is a licensed surgeon. A sports medicine doctor who practices surgery will have the skills and expertise needed to repair the damage so you can make a full recovery and return to your physical activities.

Assistance During Recovery From a Sports Injury

If you have a moderate to severe sports injury, you can't expect to feel better right away, especially if surgery is involved. When you're on the road to recovery after a sports injury, a sports medicine doctor can be a big help. Your doctor will be able to monitor your improvement and make suggestions for other things that can help, such as massage or heat and cold therapy. Working with a sports medicine doctor will help ensure that you heal fully and properly.