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Beyond Stitches: What Doctors May Do For A Deep Cut

If you ever suffer a deep cut, you should absolutely seek care in a nearby emergency room or urgent care center. Yes, the wound might eventually heal without stitches and other interventions, but it also might not. This is not really a chance you want to take, particularly because doctors do more for deep wounds than simply stitch them closed. Here's a closer look.

Proper Cleaning

Failing to properly clean the wound can lead to poor healing or infection. Depending on how you cut yourself, there might be anything from dirt to pet hair in the wound, neither of which are really your body's friend. It's really hard to clean a deep wound yourself. Most people who attempt don't really do a good job because cleaning the wound is painful, or they lack the tools (such as a magnifying glass) to tell if they really did a good job. Your doctor can apply a pain-relieving compound to keep you comfortable, allowing them to clean your wound more completely. This should lead to faster healing and a reduced risk of infection.

Tetanus Shot

Tetanus is an illness caused by Clostridium tetani bacteria. These bacteria live in the soil, and they thrive in anaerobic spaces -- spaces that are devoid of oxygen. Deep wounds are one of their favorite places to proliferate. If you develop tetanus, your jaw may lock into place, and your joints may seize up. The condition is tough to treat, but it's really easy to prevent. Your doctor will give you a tetanus shot if you present to the office with a deep wound.


If you were cut by something dirty, like a knife that was just used to cut meat, you are at risk for a bacterial infection. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics for you to take for a few days, which should prevent such an infection from developing. This is really important since infections that begin in wounds can spread to the blood, having deadly consequences.

Tendon Repair

Especially if the cut is near a joint, you may have done more damage than simply cutting through skin and muscle. You may have nicked a tendon, and that won't heal on its own. Your doctor can repair the tendon surgically, which will help ensure you don't lose mobility once the injury heals.

If you suffered a deep cut, don't just cross your fingers and hope it heals. Doctors do a lot more than just stitch wounds, and the treatments they provide are often necessary for proper healing. To learn more, contact your local clinic today for an appointment.