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Don't Be Afraid of Using Medication to Treat These Issues as You Get Clean

Many drug treatment programs rely on the help of medication to assist those who are attempting to get clean. If you've recently joined such a program and have learned about the use of medication, there may be a part of you that feels concerned. After all, because you have a history of abusing drugs, you may be worried about developing a dependency on the medication that you may soon be taking. Fortunately, it should be a relief for you to know that any medication that you do take will be highly controlled and that the use of medication can be an ally in getting sober. Here are some problems that medication can help.


One of the most challenging and miserable things that addicts can face when they're in a treatment program is the withdrawal symptoms that their bodies endure. Quitting many types of drugs can lead to serious withdrawals that can make them physically sick and, in some cases, even threaten their lives. In such serious scenarios, medication to lessen the effects of the withdrawals will be valuable to you. Rest assured, the medical professionals who are assisting you will closely monitor you and will only give you this medication for as long as you need it.


Many drug addicts struggle with depression at various points in their lives. Perhaps your depression was the original catalyst for beginning to use drugs, for example. Or, it's possible that getting closer to being sober may even lead to depression. Even though this situation is exciting in many ways, it can also seem daunting—especially given that you've likely relied upon drugs as a tool for coping. Your rehabilitation professionals may recommend the use of medication as a means for controlling your depression. This can be pivotal in your effort to get clean.

Mental Health Problems

Mental health conditions are also common in the world of addicts. Some people start to use drugs as a way of self-medicating, while others can experience an increase in the severity of their mental health issues as a result of their drug use. Whether your mental health issue has been diagnosed or undiagnosed until now, medical professionals in the drug treatment environment will frequently advocate for the use of proper medication to get your mental health issues under control. When you're evaluating different treatment programs, don't be afraid to ask about each one's use of medication and how it may benefit you.

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