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3 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Own Headstone

No one likes thinking about death but when you consider that your burial site is a place you will spend far more time in the long run than anywhere you spent while alive, it suddenly becomes worth it to start planning out your funeral and burial while you still can. To that end, one of things you can take into consideration is what you want on your own headstone. Here are three reasons you should make this decision now instead of leaving it to loved ones.

Take Care of the Expense Yourself

Burial costs can easily get into the thousands of dollars, especially if your family decides to go for an expensive casket or headstone. By taking charge of your own funeral and burial now, you will be able to pay for these expenses yourself. This will help remove some of the financial burden that might be placed on your loved ones while they are trying to grieve. 

To be frank, if you want a really elaborate headstone, paying for it yourself is just the right thing to do.

You Can Put Your Own Design

If you leave your headstone to a family member and never talk to them about your burial before you're gone, you might end up with a very boring headstone or grave marker that looks just like all the other ones in the cemetery. If you always had your own sense of style in life, this is an opportunity to maintain that style in death. You could put your favorite quote either by a famous person or come up with one of your own. Include a picture of yourself or the logo of your favorite sports team. 

Give Yourself a Sense of Peace

If you know you are reaching the end of your life either because of advanced age or a serious illness, it's understandable if you are feeling a little bit anxious as you think about the prospect of death. Going all-in on your own funeral and burial planning can actually be a way to make yourself feel like you have some control over the situation. It could help put your mind at ease as you approach the end.

Death is always a delicate subject to talk about, but planning for your own passing while you are still alive can actually be comforting in some ways. Start planning your own headstone now and you'll remove a potential burden from your family while also ensuring that your final resting place maintains your personal sense of style in the afterlife.