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Three Ways To Make Your Outpatient Care Clinic More Like A Living Room

Outpatient services are for those who do not need to remain in the hospital but need to come in for medical testing or a medical services. These patients will not need to stay overnight but may be at the hospital for several hours. Some of these services include receiving an IV or getting medical treatment that requires a few hours of supervision. If you are running a medical outpatient care center you will need to make your facility as comfortable as possible for the day visitors. Here are some ways to make the clinic more like a comfortable living room. 

Invest in comfortable reclining chairs

Some medical patients will be able to receive their services and care while sitting up. Others may need to or wish to recline. Padded reclining chairs make the most sense for all of the patients. Those who wish to sit up and read, talk to family, or perform work while they are getting their services. For those who require a little bit more rest, they can fully recline their chairs to rest or take a nap as necessary. offer pillows and blankets so that patients are able to do as they need. 

Have personally changeable lights and enclosures

Privacy is important, both for HIPAA laws and for the comfort of the patients. Have enclosures on the walls that allow patients privacy when speaking to the doctors and nurses. The enclosures can be attached to the wall and pull down past the recliner on each side so that the doctor and patient can speak privately. Along with the enclosure, the lights should be adjustable by the patients. Adjustable lights are best, especially when patients have a headache or vision problems. A dimmer in each reclining are works well for patients who will be changing positions or waking up after a few hours after treatment. 

Have common areas with televisions

Patients who are coming in to receive an infusion may be in and out in less than three hours. For this time, they may want to relax but not feel like they are inside of a hospital. Set up a common area with recliners, a large television, and a selection of books. This will allow those who wish to be active a way to socialize and receive treatment without feeling like their day has been interrupted for medical treatment. This area also makes a good family area for those with kids to come and sit without worrying about their children playing becoming a distraction.