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Stung By A Bee? Two Home Remedies You Can Use To Find Relief

Being stung by a bee for the first time can be a very unsettling experience.  Depending on the type of bee that stung you and your own sensitivity level, you may be feeling anything from a mild, almost pulsating burn to a red hot, flashing pain that is quite relentless.  Whichever one you're dealing with, you want to find relief.  Although you can certainly go to the doctor, there may be some things you can do at home to get the problem under control. Use this information to learn more about two home remedies that you can try the next time you're stung by a bee.

Use Garlic To Relieve The Pain

While you may be accustomed to adding garlic to all of your favorite savory meals, it might not have ever crossed your mind that you can also use garlic when you've been stung by a bee.  Garlic has amazing properties that make it the go-to option when you need relief after a bee sting.

Understand that the pain you're feeling is due to the venom in the stinger of the bee.  When they sting you, the sac is often left in the skin and can continue pumping out venom, which only intensifies the pain.  That's why the first thing you want to do is get the stinger out.  You can use tweezers or your fingers; just make sure you drag the stinger out rather than pinch it and pull, since pinching it will release more venom from the sac.

Once the stinger is out, clean the area, and gently crush a garlic clove.  Crushing the garlic clove releases the juices and the liquid serves as the antidote that you're looking for.  Press the clove against the skin until you can feel the pain subsiding.

Toothpaste Can Be Helpful As Well

Another home remedy that can help after a bee sting is to use toothpaste.  Applying toothpaste to the site of the sting can neutralize the venom so that you no longer feel the intense pain.

To use toothpaste, simply apply a small amount directly onto the spot where the sting occurred and cover it with a band-aid.  Let is sit for a few minutes and once the pain starts to diminish, you can remove the band-aid and wash the area.

Using home remedies after a bee sting is a key way to minimize your suffering in a hurry.  The next time you're stung by a bee, keep these tips in mind so you'll know what to do. However, if you are allergic to bees, you will need more treatment than some garlic cloves and toothpaste. Check out a site like to learn more.