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Three Benefits Of Having Relaxation Massages After Giving Birth

Giving birth to a baby puts the body through a considerable amount of trauma. As a soon-to-be first-time mother, it is wise to give some thought about how you will help your body recover once you have safely delivered your new family member. While your spare time will be limited once the baby arrives, finding 30 minutes twice a week for a relaxation massage will give you numerous benefits. Consider these three reasons why regular relaxation massages will help you during your first month of motherhood.

Mood Stabilizer

Massages have long been advertised as being a way to beat the blues and reduce the impact of stress. This is because massages release endorphins and this chemical calms the nervous system within your body.

The CDC estimates between 11 and 20% of mothers suffer some form of postpartum depression. While postpartum does need professional diagnosis and a treatment plan set by your primary carer, regular relaxation massages can help to naturally stimulate feelings of happiness within the body. Even if you don't suffer from postpartum depression after birth, a little extra happiness is not going to hurt you.

Muscle Tension Repair

The process of giving birth puts your lower body under considerable strain. Your back, hips, and abdomen will feel sore after the delivery is done. A relaxation massage helps these areas to recover by encouraging oxygen and blood flow back into your muscles. Not only does this help the muscles to recover from the pain, but it also helps to get rid of any toxins trapped in the muscles.

Time Alone

For the next few months, your life is going to be very busy as you tend to the every need of your baby, and many mothers forget to take time out for themselves during this period. When the baby is asleep, attention is turned to making sure household chores like laundry and dishes are up to date rather than relaxing.

It is very easy, as a busy new mom, to become tired and stressed when no time is taken for yourself. By booking in a regular relaxation massage, you know you will get 30 to 60 minutes of time where the focus is solely on you and your needs. This time alone is the mental and physical break you need to cope with the fact the rest of your day is very busy.

Now that you know the benefits of having a massage after your baby is born, make sure you book in your first appointment so this special treat is ready and waiting for you after the birth date. Contact a company like Soothe Massage and Wellness to learn more.