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Event-Planning Considerations: Do You Need to Hire EMTs?

Those who aren't very experienced at planning events may not realize all of the details that need to be taken care of before the event, in some cases a month or more in advance. One of these details is arranging for event EMT services, if necessary. Smaller events may be able to get by without an EMT on the premises, but you may still need to have some sort of first-aid station staffed by someone trained in basic first-aid skills.

Type of Event

Certain types of events are more likely to lead to injuries than others. For example, events with alcohol pose the risk of fights, trip-and-fall accidents, and alcohol poisoning. Mud runs and obstacle-course races also have a high risk for potential injury. Outdoor events during very hot days may lead to people suffering from heat stroke or other heat-related conditions. 

Number of People

The larger the group of people expected at an event, the more likely it is that an EMT will be needed at some point. Having event EMT services present will mean that it will be less likely that people will need to be transported to the hospital or will use the services of local ambulances, freeing these services up for others that need them. 

Local Laws

The laws are different in each city and state as to whether EMTs are needed at events and how many. For example, in Charlotte, NC, plans need to be made one month in advance, and any event with an expected attendance of 300 or more needs to have first-aid stations staffed by EMTs, with the exact number needing to be determined by the fire department. Once the expected attendance reaches 1,000, there has to be at least two teams of EMS personnel patrolling on foot or bicycle. In some locations, only EMT providers that are approved of by the city may be hired for events.

Event History

If this isn't the first time an event is to be held, the event history should be taken into consideration when determining the appropriate level of events for EMT services. Look into how many people needed to be treated on other occasions and what they needed to be treated for to help in the planning process. Even smaller events may need an EMT presence if the event has a history of needing emergency services.

Other Considerations

In some cases, the number of EMTs necessary may be higher due to the overall size of the venue. This will allow for better service and make it easier to reach people in plenty of time if there is an emergency. EMTs will also need to be provided with food and water as well as restroom facilities and an area where they can take breaks.

Talk to a company such as Global Medical & Safety to hire EMTs for your event.