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Use These Strategies To Prevent Back Pain While Bicycling

In addition to seeking treatment from a chiropractor, keeping active is an effective way to reduce back pain, especially if you spend the majority of the day at work sitting at a desk. However, exercises such as bicycling can actually increase your back pain if you don't take the right approach. The good news is that with some care, there's no reason for your bike ride to cause discomfort — which is ideal, given that this straightforward cardiovascular exercise provides a multitude of different health benefits. Provided that your chiropractor says you can move forward with your plan to ride your bike, here are some simple strategies that you can use to keep back pain at bay while you're bicycling.

Adjust Your Seat

Many cyclists experience lower back pain as a result of their seats not being placed in the correct position. Generally, it's necessary to raise your seat a little; you can do this by loosening the seat with an Allen wrench or, in the case of a quick-release seat system, simply pulling out the handle and raising the seat manually. When your bicycle seat is too low, you'll have a significant curve in your back that can cause pain at some point during your ride. Take care to avoid raising the seat too high, though, as this can also lead to pain. Find the right height that works for you and make subtle changes, as needed, throughout your ride.

Adjust The Handlebars

Just as a poorly positioned seat can affect your back, handlebars that are in the wrong position can also cause pain — this time, in your upper back. You should be able to reach the handlebars with ease. If you're straining too far forward, perhaps to the point that your elbows are locked, you'll often experience pain between your shoulder blades. Consult your bike's manual to learn how to adjust the handlebars. It's typically a simple process to tilt them closer to your body so that you don't have to reach as far forward.

Work On Strengthening Your Core

Bicycling works your core muscles to a slight degree, but focusing on some specific exercises to strengthen this region of your body is advantageous if you want to keep back pain at bay. A stronger core supports your back by helping to keep the spine in its proper alignment; when your core muscles are weak, your back can slouch when you're on your bicycle. Exercises that are effective for strengthening your core include sit-ups and planks, which you can easily add to your daily workout regimen. Generally, your chiropractor can suggest at-home exercises for you to do to strengthen your core for back pain relief. Contact a business, such as SpineCare Chiropractic Daniel S. Wright, D.C., for more information.