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3 Steps To Help Prepare Your Senior Parent's House For After-Surgery Recovery

If your parent is preparing to have a major surgery, such as knee replacement, and wants to recuperate at home, there are some steps you may have to assist him or her with to be ready for this. Recuperating at home is often a better choice than staying at a short-term rehab facility, and it is often the preferred option of seniors. Staying at home makes recovering more comfortable, yet you may need to help your parent complete the following tasks to ensure that the recovery will go smoothly at your parent's home.

Obtain Any Necessary Medical Equipment

Depending on the type of surgery your parent must have and on his or her current state of health, he or she may need medical equipment to use during the recovery period. This may include a hospital bed, which will make it easier for him or her to get out of bed, a walker, and a portable commode.

Having these items at your parent's house before the surgery is completed will make the transition home easier for him or her. Plus, it will give your parent time to see and understand how these devices work.

Stock Up On Food And Supplies

You may also want to help your parent stock up on food items and any supplies he or she might need. You may want to select microwavable dinners, so your parent can quickly and easily fix a meal, or you might want to buy canned goods that are easy to prepare. In addition, you should make sure your parent has all the medications he or she will need for the next month or two. This will just make it easier for you and your parent.

Set Up Home Health Care Services

Finally, it may be important to set up home health care services for your parent, especially if you or another relative will not be able to be with your parent a lot during the first few weeks after the surgery.

Home health care services are ideal for surgery recoveries, and they can assist your parent with many things. This can include personal hygiene tasks, cooking, and getting around the house. If someone is there with your parent on and off for the first few weeks, your parent may have a better chance of staying safe and avoiding falls during this crucial time period.

If you are interested in learning more about after-surgery care, contact a company like Staff Mates Homecare that offers home health care services in your area.