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Alleviating Discomfort And Pain From Varicose Veins

If you suffer from unsightly varicose veins in the backs of your legs, you may experience discomfort or pain from this condition. Varicose veins show up in the body when the valves in the blood vessels are damaged. When valves don't push blood through the vessels properly, the blood will pool in one area of the vein, causing discoloration and pain. Here are some ways the symptoms you feel from varicose veins can be decreased either by habit changes or medical intervention.

Move Your Body Frequently

Staying active will help keep your circulatory system moving as it should. When someone with varicose veins stands or sits for an extended time, the blood will slow down in the veins, making it more prone to pooling due to the faulty valves inside. Make it a priority to get up and walk around every hour or so if you have a job that requires you to stay in one spot. This will help get the blood moving in an attempt to reduce the discomfort you feel from your condition. If you need to lose a few pounds, try eating healthier and add an exercise program to your routine. Excess weight can make varicose veins worse. 

Change Your Wardrobe Choices

If you wear pants that are tight on the upper-thigh area, it can cause the blood to become restricted in the legs. Opt for loose clothing so the blood can circulate easily. Some people find that wearing compression stockings will help with swelling, decreasing pain as a result. Stick with flat shoes so your calf muscles stay toned. This will also aid with proper circulation.

Seek Help From A Professional

Make an appointment with a doctor to explore your options in the reduction of the varicose veins in your legs permanently. Sclerotherapy is a procedure in which a chemical can be injected into problem veins, making them break down from the circulatory system so the blood redirects into healthy veins instead. This is a fairly non-evasive procedure that can be done in a doctor's office without anesthesia. 

There are also surgical methods available with favorable results. Laser surgery can be administered to close off problem veins completely. In intense varicose vein situations a longer vein can be stripped and removed from the body allowing smaller veins to take over. Catheter-assisted procedures will heat problematic veins so they drop out of the circulatory system, allowing healthier veins to take over. In a phlebectomy procedure smaller veins are removed through incisions. In more intense cases endoscopic vein surgery is used. This involves sending a camera into the leg so the doctor can remove troublesome veins. 

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