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Answering Faqs Concerning PEMF Treatment and Bone Fractures

Whether it is a simple fractured foot or a cracked bone, a bone fracture is definitely a big deal when it comes to your physical well-being. The appropriate healing time, which is usually at least four weeks, can seem like a lifetime when your physical capabilities and activities have to be limited. PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is one form of treatment for fractures and broken bones that may not be all that common, but is definitely becoming a more familiar topic, especially if you have a broken bone. Here are a few of the most common questions regarding PEMF therapy and the answers you should know as a potential candidate.

How does PEMF really work?

When you use a PEMF device, you are sending pulses of electromagnetic field straight to the affected bone or fracture. These pulses are known to help aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation and encourage the procession of cell growth, which will aid in healing the bone. The PEMF therapy's ability to repair damaged cells makes this form of treatment an ideal route for cancer patients who have gone through radiation or chemotherapy as well.

What types of fractures could PEMF be helpful for?

PEMF therapy could be helpful for a variety of different types of fractures and bone issues. The most well-known ailments that PEMF can be used for usually relate to stress fractures, such as those that come along with athletic injuries or osteoporosis. Initially, the PEMF technology was only used on animals, especially race horses who had fractured legs, because it would help encourage healing.

Do you have to have a prescription to obtain a PEMF device?

You do not have to have a prescription to obtain and use a PEMF device. However, it is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor first to make sure that your condition would make you a good candidate for PEMF therapy. Devices are sold in various forms, but are most usually designed as mats that you rest on or wraps that are applied to specific locations on the body, such as around a knee or elbow.

When it comes down to it, PEMF treatment is easily one of the least intrusive forms of physical therapy around. If you think PEMF treatment could be something that helps you or a fractured bone heal more quickly, talk to your doctor about the PEMF4000 innovative approach in modern medicine for more information.