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3 Therapeutic Recreation Activities To Reduce Stress

In a country where approximately 15 million people are clinically depressed and one out of three adults suffers from high blood pressure, people more than ever are looking for ways to unwind. Recreational therapy can be used as a way for a person to deal with the stress of everyday life, or even to cope with being sidelines with a disease or injury. Depending on your particular situation, some of the following forms of therapeutic recreation might be ideal. Consider these great recreational opportunities and figure out how they might be a good fit for your situation. 

#1: Yoga

When it comes to tranquility and therapeutic relaxation, yoga is one of the best recreational opportunities around. Yoga takes some of the relaxing mental benefits of meditation and adds some physical strength, flexibility and endurance poses, which combine to give you some of the following advantages:

  • Relief from pain and discomfort
  • Better posture 
  • More peaceful sleep
  • Lower blood pressure
  • An increase in blood flow
  • The ability to lose weight and improve athletic performance 

#2: Animal Assisted Therapy

When it comes to helping people find peace and love, in addition to the motivation to focus and move their bodies, animal assisted therapy comes in handy. Essentially, animal assisted therapy revolves around the use of an animal, such as a dog, horse or cat, to give a patient both a bonding experience and responsibility. Patients will feed, bathe, walk, pet, play with and otherwise take care of or spend time with these animals, as a means to help them heal or relax. 

This form of therapy has been proven beneficial in a variety of circumstances, including teaching people with anger management or a troubled past to love and show compassion, helping someone dealing with injuries to take baby steps toward moving around and performing errands or helping a sick and lonely child keep morale during their treatments. Health issues aside, dogs are the most popular pets and horseback riding is considered incredibly therapeutic for the same reasons. 

#3: Keeping A Journal 

Journalling is a recreational activity that allows a person to reduce stress, find inspiration and make sense of their many thoughts. There is no right or wrong way to do a journal, but studies show that it reduces stress, depression and anxiety. Since journalling can be done anywhere, you can double down on your relaxation by choosing to journal somewhere serene, such as the park, beach or museum. 

Consider these three tips, so that you're able to get the therapeutic recreation that can benefit your life greatly. Contact RecCare Inc for more information on recreational therapy.