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How To Get The Most Comfortable Fit From Your Eye Glasses

If you wear eye glasses, you already know that sometimes the eye glasses do not fit as comfortably as you would like them to. From pinching the bridge of your nose to slipping off of your ears, there are various mishaps that your eye glasses could present. Here are four ways to get a more comfortable fit from your eye glasses.

Use Foam Earplugs Not In Your Ears…but on Your Eye Glasses

If you wear your eye glasses for long periods of time, you could add foam earplugs on the part where the frame sits on your ears for a more comfortable fit. To try this method, take two foam earplugs and drill a tiny hole through each one. Slip your eye glasses frames through each earplug. Wear your eye glasses now for a comfortable fit.

Add Putty to the Nose Pads

You remember putty, right? It is that tacky little compound that you used to play with as a kid. Now you can use tiny bits of putty on the nose pads of your eye glasses for a more comfortable fit. To do this, take a tiny piece (quarter size of a pea) and attach the putty to each nose pad on your eye glasses. Now wear your eye glasses for more comfort.

Use Eye Glasses straps to Prevent Glasses from Slipping from Your Face

Eye glasses straps are no longer found just in retro movies. Nowadays, trendy people are using them for functional and fashionable purposes. Since you can find eye glasses straps in a wide variety of colors and styles, you can find one that matches your personality. When you wear them, your glasses will not fall from your face and crack on the ground.

Use an Eye Glasses Retainer To Stop Slippage at the Bridge of Your Nose

Eye glasses retainers work on the bridge of your nose to stop your eye glasses from slipping down. Eye glasses slippage is especially a big problem if the bridge of your nose is flat. If this is you, you may find that you are constantly pushing eye glasses up during the day. Eye glasses retainers, alleviate the slippage issue immediately.

Since you wear them every day, wearing your eye glasses comfortably is essential. You can use the the preceding four tips to help you wear them comfortably each day. Your optometrist (at Webster Eye Care Associates) could provide you with additional tips on how to wear your eye glasses in comfort