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Growing Up Girly: What To Expect From Your First Visit To The Gynecologist

The process of transitioning from a young lady to a woman can be a scary, exciting, and confusing times for may girls. In addition to all the physical changes you may be experiencing, you will also find yourself suddenly subjected a variety of medical tests and procedures that were never necessary in your youth. Consequently, if you are like many young women, you may find the idea of visiting a gynecologist for the first time to be downright frightening. Thankfully, learning what you can expect during this visit can help to ease your pre-appointment jitters and may even leave you looking forward to this next chapter in your journey towards womanhood.

You Can Just Talk

If you find yourself dealing with severe anxiety when thinking about your first appointment with a gynecologist, you may benefit from making your first appointment a consultation only. During this type of appointment, you will simply be given the opportunity to meet your new doctor, ask questions regarding your reproductive heath, and express any concerns that you may have. In many cases, the ability to build a sense of trust between you and your new doctor will effectively eliminate any anxiety that you may be feeling.

You Can Always Have Someone Else Present

It can take time to develop a rapport with your new gynecologist. If you find that it is hard for you to relax due to a lack of trust between you and your doctor, having someone else present in the room during your vaginal exam can help to ease your fears. If you are not comfortable asking a family member or friend to accompany you into the exam room, you may request that a nurse is present during the exam. In many cases, simply knowing that someone else is there and looking out for your best interest will be enough to help you relax.

Pelvic Exams Should Not Be Painful

While many women report feeling a bit of pressure during a pelvic exam, these exams are not meant to be painful. Unfortunately, the fear of experiencing pain will often cause young women to tense up during their first pelvic exam. As a result, this exam may prove more uncomfortable or painful than it would if you were relaxed.

If at any time during the exam you begin to experience pain, be sure to share this information with your gynecologist, one like Chervenak Donald M, so that steps can be taken to make you feel more comfortable. Simply trying to ignore this pain will only fuel the belief that pelvic exams are painful and may cause you to avoid these beneficial exams in the future, so don't be afraid to speak up if you require accommodations.